Lucja Madziar (Leader of the Niedersächsisches Staatsorchester, Hanover), Johannes Krebs (Principal Cellist of the Bremer Philharmonic) and Katharina Sellheim (concert pianist and collaborative pianist to many world-renown artists) have formed Klaviertrio Hanover to impress the press and public with captivating and diverse programmes, both at home and abroad. The ensemble has greatly benefitted from important musical stimulation from the Jean-Paul Trio.

One of Klaviertrio Hanover’s great passions is to perform special programmes for special occasions. For the 100th birthday of the legendary Leonard Bernstein, the Trio played Bernstein’s seldom-performed Piano Trio (1937). In 2020, they will embark on a Beethoven Project with violist Konstantin Sellheim (Munich Philharmonic), dedicating themselves to the wonderful piano quartets of the unique composer Ludwig van Beethoven to celebrate his 250th birthday.